Mickey Stretton’s start-up consultancy Utile & Beau has sustainability on the agenda

All of Us founding partner Mickey Stretton has unveiled a start-up consultancy, Utile & Beau, which aims to be ’digitally sustainable’ in the production and delivery of project consultancy.

Stretton (pictured), who was design director at All of Us, left the consultancy at the beginning of the year.

Utile & Beau will look to find solutions, some technology-based, involving intellectual property and research and development, ’to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to clients,’ Stretton says.

Stretton has partly based his business plan on the research of Harvard academic Dr Alex Wissner-Gross. Informed by Wissner-Gross software, which can monitor the power source of website traffic and found every Google search can produce 7g of carbon, Stretton has resolved to offer carbon neutrality in all consultancy and delivery. Google claims the figure is 0.2g of CO2.

’Even digital media has a carbon footprint. Our offer will address that across the supply chain,’ he says.

London-based Utile & Beau is looking to work with clients that have sustainability ’high on their agenda’, says Stretton, who is joined by planning strategy and marketing consultant Malou Bramstrup and art director Bradley Cho-Smith.

’Building up a network of developers and appointing the right technical partners will be next,’ says Stretton. ’Sustainability in terms of social mobility, culture, education and healthcare’ is on Stretton’s agenda. He adds, ’It’s not just commercial benefit, but we are looking to develop corporate social responsibility, which is ripe for change.’

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  • Andy Chambers November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Nice one Mickey boy

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