Allen International pulls off bank job in Belgium

Allen International has secured the corporate identity and interiors revamp for Belgian bank ASLK/CGER. Worth more than 500 000 in fees, the project is Allen International’s biggest-ever contract.

The former state-run bank, which has more than 1100 branches, was recently privatised. The Belgian government’s ongoing programme of privatisations is expected to lead to more revamps as other state-owned banks leave the public sector.

Allen International won the ASLK/CGER work in a 12-way credentials pitch against UK, US, French and Dutch consultancies. Managing director Michael Allen says the consultancy is delighted by the scale of the project: “It’s quite a coup.”

Although the project is a top-to-toe look at the bank’s design, a name change is unlikely, says Allen. He counsels an evolutionary approach.

Of the existing branch network, Allen jokes that the dour exteriors “are the good news”. He adds: “The interiors are pretty transaction-oriented. We will make them much more sales-oriented.”

The creative work is now under way in London, with the first sign of a new look expected to be the unveiling of a new identity in around six months’ time. The graphics will then be implemented on all literature.

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