Eeeh, it’s grand that Croydon is

The charm of the south-east London beauty spot known as Croydon has captured the imagination of Spanish composer Llorenc Barber, who has written symphonies for Lisbon and Copenhagen.

Barber chose the delightful Croydon as the theme of his first work created in the UK, a symphony for church bells. And he’s called it The Grand Design, after the local consultancy which sponsors Colourscape, Croydon’s annual summer festival.

Our picture shows Grand creative partner Paul Houlton at Colourscape, imbibing The Grand Design while sitting composed in a walk-in sculpture created by freelance designer Peter Jones.

Apparently, the symphony involves all of Croydon’s church bells being struck with mallets or rung with ropes. “It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard,” says a Grand spokeswoman politely.

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