Graphics groups could fill communication gap

Graphics groups with internal communications expertise could cash in on many companies’ inability to filter information through the ranks – a finding highlighted in an office environment survey by Tilney Lumsden Shane.

The TLS survey found “an interesting communication gap. All businesses are now customer driven… but while messages of intention and commitment are directed to the customer, there is little evidence of feedback to the staff”.

Only 24 per cent of respondents canvassed in the 80-strong sample had any evidence of the “business activity or product they manufacture in their general offices”.

According to TLS director Marvin Shane, this poses a significant opportunity for graphics consultancies. “If businesses are not communicating with their staff, it is difficult to see how the messages are successfully conveyed and the ‘esprit-de-corps’ maintained,” he says.

Shane comments that, on the whole, companies have recognised that “creating the right environment to nurture and harbour the pro-active employee is of growing importance, and generating innovative thinking in the workforce is a key factor”. He adds: “While some empowered professions, like advertising, are acting on that knowledge, many of the ‘grey’ businesses are still cautious.”

Survey findings indicate that for most businesses, reducing costs is still a major priority. “Anything unknown, like new interiors approaches, poses a risk. They haven’t yet put their toe in the water about looking forward,” says Shane.

Other findings include that status is back on the agenda and companies are reintroducing identifiable areas for leadership and senior management.

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