Take cover! Umbrella’s staff are out on the town

Directors snuggled up to each other, partners got their kit off and danced the flamenco, two designers mimicked a bull and staged the toreador scene from Bizet’s Carmen. Or something like that.

“Make it all up, it probably happened,” Annabel Wright ordered a DW hack.

Wright has just joined graphics and retail shopfitting company Umbrella Design, based in London Docklands.

She was told that the company was going out for “a quiet drink” to a Spitalfields tapas bar last week, where these snapshots were taken. But the evening was far from quiet, at length ending up in Spanish watering hole Bar Madrid. Wright reveals that there was “lots of slinky dancing” but is “too embarrassed” to say any more.

The next morning everyone got in very late and felt “absolutely awful” and a “piss-taking” memo from the directors was received with hysteria.

Where did they go for lunch? To the pub, of course. “I’m so glad I joined this company,” comments a pleasantly befuddled Wright.

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