Three groups star in Virgin production

RODNEY FITCH AND COMPANY, Design Clinic and Leeds consultancy Watson Design have each created features for a new Virgin multiplex cinema in Kent.

The new-build, nine-screen multiplex in Rochester has been designed by McFarlane Latter Architects. Rodney Fitch and Company has worked on the overall colour scheme and a foyer feature called The Egg, which is suspended from the ceiling so cinema images can be projected on to it, says a Rodney Fitch spokesman.

Design Clinic has designed all graphics, including signage and print material. And Watson Design, which regularly collaborates with Design Clinic, has carried out “fine tuning” aspects such as sign specifying, according to Design Clinic project manager Ian Goodyer.

Virgin Cinemas’ overall logo was originally designed by Rodney Fitch and Company but has been revised by Design Clinic (DW 8 March).

Aspects of existing cinemas in the chain will be designed by the three consultancies in future, but graphics and interiors for new-build cinemas will be designed by Design Clinic and Watson Design, which won a pitch against Rodney Fitch and Company for the work.

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