Elmwood packs give the order to Go Eat on GNER

Elmwood has unwrapped phase one of national train operator GNER’s new-look food service, Go Eat, which aims to revolutionise the packaging of on-board snacks and drinks.

While the first phase focuses on bedding-down a new corporate identity and marketing push, phase two will usher in so-called 3D packaging and possibly airline-style food trays designed to make rail cuisine a sweeter proposition.

Elmwood has devised the Go Eat brand plus a range of new menus, point-of-sale material, posters and a supplement for GNER’s on-board passenger magazine, Live Wire, as part of the first phase.

An advertising campaign by AMD is also understood to be in development.

The consultancy’s brief stressed the importance of developing an in-house catering identity that acts as a standalone brand and distances the product from railway food’s traditionally poor image, says GNER’s product manager Jen Hurley.

‘We wanted the design to allude to the fact that Go Eat is a GNER initiative, but not be too overt to be wholly associated with the railway industry and its dated image of poor catering,’ comments Hurley.

Elmwood managing director Jayne Barrett says the new identity is only the first step.

‘Improvement of the on-board experience doesn’t end with a new identity. The idea is to make popular lines such as baguettes and wraps easier and cleaner to eat and hot drinks easier to grip while on the go.’

Talks between Elmwood and Hurley are set to thrash out the possibility of introducing an airline-style catering service, in which specially designed food trays, including meals, snacks, drinks, cutlery and serviettes, are delivered direct to passengers in their seats.

The project was awarded to Elmwood in January following a four-way pitch.

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