Falmouth College of Arts

Falmouth College of Arts has revamped its refectory and bar with interiors by Truro-based Absolute Design. Every aspect of the space has been updated and the revamp includes a navigation system to guide visually impaired students through the refectory. Absolute Design creative director Helen Blake says creating a guidance system that did not compromise the aesthetics of the overall design was a challenge. The solution was a curved screen to direct people and minimise waiting time, she says. ‘The college has been lacking a social hub for many years. It’s great to be given the challenge of creating a modern, stylish and inviting space,’ Blake adds. The new look opens in early September in time for the new college year and was created by Blake and designer Kathryn Tyler, who are both graduates of the college. Absolute Design was appointed to the project following a four-way creative pitch in April.

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