Spiritual employees opt for lotus position

In response to your article Eastern tips make your office karma, (DW 16 February), we felt the need to share our new-found spiritualism at Fishburn Hedges. We believe that re-arranging the furniture is not the answer to a more productive working day.

We have fully embraced the powerful medium of Kundalini Yoga, which aims to enhance well-being by opening your mind and improving lung capacity – perfect for dealing with difficult creative briefs.

Every Monday at 6.30pm we are seen at the Holborn Arts Centre, channelling our thoughts with Mary Fleming. The exercises are varied, exciting and painful, and include the “cat-cow”, “breath of fire,” or standing on one leg impersonating a tree of your choice. The disadvantage is that the moves are far from discreet and are not easily practised in a crowded office.

Seriously, Kundalini Yoga is stimulating and recommended to those prone to a little stress from time to time. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few top tips on how to create a spiritual office environment.

Regale your colleagues regularly with tales of what goes on in each class – atmosphere guaranteed to lighten instantly.

Deafen yourself with a gong occasionally. It helps to banish unwanted clutter from the mind, as well as any undesirables lurking in reception.

Adopt the lotus position at all times – although it can be tricky in client meetings.

Relieve boredom by aligning your shakras while waiting for the ISDN link.

Breathe quickly and deeply through the nose. Could be messy if you’re suffering from a cold.

Take ten minutes to lie on the floor and chant “Satnam” several times – guaranteed that you will not be hauled into an unscheduled meeting.

Melissa Ormiston

Rhiannedd Jones

Fishburn Hedges

London WC2

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