The glamorous world of movies

“Abject horror” was the phrase used by a Tory politician at the very idea of this comely verdant space being turned into a mini Hollywood.

This is the Hillingdon site of the potential 225m film theme park hatched by Warner Bros and MAI (DW 16 February).

And what a sight – its major attractions are a shed daubed with graffiti and a scattering of empty crisp packets.

Fat cats with creamy American accents want film studios, movie stars, bucketloads of tourists and high-profile designers to move in.

But local Tories think it’s a disgusting idea, contrary to the greenbelt spirit. Could this be because Lord Hollick, head of MAI, is a Labour peer?

It’s a grand opportunity to take a pot shot at Hillingdon’s Labour council. But what about the creation of 3500 jobs, not to mention employment for designers?

But the Tories have got a point. It’s great to go for a grassy walk and admire lovely advertisements for heavy metal band Metallica and advice to “Bang That Head”.

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