The Tories have done nothing to aid design

Has design found an ally in Labour? (DW 9 February). The answer is a resounding yes. Any political party that allies itself with design must be a good thing. What else is going to get this country out of the appalling recession we have been through?

I believe the more people realise the benefit of a well-designed product and environment, the sooner we will all begin to benefit.

Over the past 30 years, good design has seen a staggering development in its appreciation, to which Sir Terence Conran has largely contributed. If anyone can appreciate the advantage of good design, he can. But good design, service and respect for one another is an integral part of this solution.

Nobody buys a clapped out old car given the choice, unless it’s a classic. However, nobody seems to think twice that the new one needed a designer to help produce it, and the better the design, the better the chances of it being sold. It goes without saying that the quality of the finished item is just as important at the end of the day, but the designer must also take into account the manufacturing cost, the maintenance, the low energy element and a thousand other details, including the environment, otherwise the car will never be successful.

With regards to John Mc- Neece’s comment that it’s our fault, as a fully paid up member of the Tory party he would say that, wouldn’t he? How could anyone imply that the design industry has not promoted design and its advantages? What is lacking is the medium- to long-term investment that is required, which unfortunately is not the fault of designers, rather the money speculators and Tory Government.

Had the contractors finished McNeece’s refit of the QE2 on time, a wonderful marketing spin-off could have been achieved.

As it was, the rest of us in the design industry had to try to make up this major setback.

So may I suggest McNeece does everything in his power to make amends and help to sell our product to his Tory friends.

Tom Sayer

Baker Sayer

East Sussex TN19 7PZ

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