Work finally begins on Fairground museum

The building of a 10m national fairground museum – possibly the world’s first – has begun after a ten-year struggle for funding.

The Northampton museum’s foundation stone has just been laid, says Steve Lawrence, partner at architect Carrick Howell and Lawrence, which designed the scheme.

London graphics consultancy The Team will work on signage, Lawrence confirms. It will also design literature with advertising agency Kelly Weedon Shute.

The Team designed a logo for the museum and for its client, the Fairground Museum Company, “a good few years ago”, says Lawrence.

Developer Wilson Bowden has provided the 2m funding for the first phase, and an application will be made to the Millennium Commission for further costs.

The museum’s main feature will be a permanent 18metre-high membrane structure, within which six fairground rides can be erected. It will include exhibitions about the history of the fair, a restaurant and a café, all designed by the architect.

The museum will be operating from mid-1997, prior to the completion of its other three phases.

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