Flymo wants its identity to remain cutting edge

Flymo, the lawnmower brand owned by Electrolux Outdoor Products, is to revamp its visual identity over the next two years and intends to appoint a consultancy this year.

Longer term, the branding exercise will also involve new product development as well as packaging design, says Flymo UK marketing manager Andrew Mackay.

The move follows the launch earlier this month of redesigned packaging for the brand’s flagship product the Turbo Compact, designed by Poulter Partners for a five-figure fee. The consultancy claims to be in “first stage conversations” about the identity job.

Mackay says the new packaging is the spearhead for the visual identity revamp of the parent Flymo brand. Although Mackay says no name change is anticipated, he doesn’t rule out the creation of a new logo. Flymo is also reviewing its media and marketing position as it prepares to launch a new TV advertising campaign.

“This [new packaging launch] is part of a bigger process we are going through,” says Mackay. “The new [Turbo Compact] packaging is rich and modern. That look becomes part of an overall review of the Flymo brand.”

The pack redesign for the Turbo Compact, which hit the shelves on 5 February and is being rolled out across the UK, has been necessary, according to Mackay, because sales of the product have gravitated towards mass trade.

“We felt the packaging needed to make more of an impact in terms of product representation,” he says.

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