FutureBrand rides premium class

FutureBrand has won the £1.25m Thomas Cook airline JMC job to create a name, identity, interiors, signage and graphics for its premium class brand.

The launch of the premium cabins comes as JMC prepares to enter the long-haul holiday market to destinations including Florida, Mexico and the Maldives among others.

JMC’s version of first class will only be available on longhaul flights. JMC, a non-business travel holiday-market airline, only operates standard class.

New aircraft featuring “first class” cabins are scheduled to launch in time for the summer 2002 holiday season.

FutureBrand won the job following a competitive pitch against unnamed groups. Enterprise IG, of which FutureBrand chief executive Charles Trevail was then London managing director, created JMC’s name and identity in September 1999.

FutureBrand aviation practice director Gerrie Smith says, “The new brand will retain JMC’s contemporary feel.

“We are developing a number of concepts for a name and identity to help JMC differentiate [the offer] from its competitors.”

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