Packaging graphics need to be innovative to stand out in a sea of products

I agree with Hugh Pearman when he refers to a tendency in the design world to sneer at those who “merely design labels for consumer products” (Private View, DW 9 February). But they do far more than provide information for future archaeologists.

Graphic designers in the packaging field have to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive retail world. They have to be innovative, be able to attract attention to one label among a sea of products on countless shelves in countless environments in countless locations. If a product spends too much time there it may not get a second chance.

Label designers have to cope with finding space for the never ending stream of legislative requirements (hence the inclusion of the contents and the references to non-toxic surfactants in the case of Cif/ Jif).

And they have to be aware of changing materials, print technology, packaging economics and supply change management.

Pauline CovellThe Institute of PackagingLeicestershire LE13 0NU

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