There is still time to vote in Design Week’s poll for the next British Design and Art Direction’s design president (DW 16 January). Call 0171-292 3744 if you want to nominate Richard Seymour or 0171-292 3745 to vote for Richard Mellor.

London group HGV has redesigned the Victoria & Albert Museum’s in-house magazine, which has changed name from V&A In View to V&A Magazine. The new magazine is glossier and has broadened its target audience to include Friends of the museum, employees and their associates.

Berryman Ball in Windsor has started work on a range of literature for SBFI, which designs and manufactures furniture for merchant bank dealing rooms and airport control rooms.

Umbrella has designed the labelling for Lee Cooper’s limited edition Double Ring Original Red Selvage jeans.

DIA has given Beverage Brands’ range of Woody’s ‘alcoholic carbonates’ a more mature and adult image, after the drinks genre was accused of targeting the under-age market with its cartoon-like designs. ‘The new design clearly communicates the alcoholic base of the product, with a youthful proposition which cannot be construed as appealing to minors,’ says DIA chairman Barry Salter. The new designs clearly label the alcohol content on the neck. They are being rolled out nationwide. DIA has also created new 12- and 14-pack carton designs.

Onyx, the audio visual and presentations company, has introduced new corporate literature, developed by MJ Productions. The literature is colour-coded to represent the two branches of the company.

London Transport has appointed Real Design to create an identity guidelines system for use on its Intranet service. LT currently has more than 70 printed documents governing the application of its identity.

Lewis Moberly’s wins for Boots packaging (DW 16 January) were claimed at the Mobius Awards in New York.

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