Identity Business gives Irish development solid branding

Dublin group The Identity Business has created the name and identity for Liffey Valley, a new development just outside Dublin. The site will initially house a shopping centre, with further facilities including a leisure area to follow.

“The word ‘Liffey’ refers to the famous Dublin river, and ‘Valley’ suggests the scale of the operation,” says The Identity Business creative director Garrett Reil.

The complex has the potential to grow into a self-contained town and so the consultancy has given it what Reil describes as a “solid, believable” name.

The shopping centre, which will eventually house 50 outlets, is due to open in September. It is a joint venture between UK groups Grosvenor Estates and Guardian, and Cork-based O’Callaghan Properties.

Swan Design, also in Dublin, will create signage and a range of literature for the complex.

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