Maltby starts own media Circus

A group of key players in the communications and creative fields has set up a consultancy they claim is the first to address the whole brand community.

The consultancy, Circus, is the brainchild of four individuals including Dilys Maltby, previously communications head at Fitch and Imagination and, more recently, global marketing head at The Body Shop.

The three others involved are advertising agency creative Tim Ashton, formerly executive director of Bates Dorland; Tim O’Kennedy, a former marketing director at Nike; and Paul Twivy, formerly group chief executive of Bates Dorland and currently marketing advisor to the BBC and the Millennium project.

The aim of Circus is to fill the gap which the four partners perceive exists between “thinkers”, such as management consultants, and “craft providers”, like design groups and advertising agencies. O’Kennedy says this gap is increasing, and agencies are falling into disrepute for not providing “media neutral” solutions.

Circus claims not to favour any creative discipline or solution when advising a client, but will “create a middle ground”, putting together the best of thinking and creativity.

O’Kennedy says Circus will start with internal communications when working on a company or a brand, then will look at consumer needs and finally at servicing shareholders. This is the reverse to how most consultancies prioritise audiences, he says.

Circus is in the throes of em-ploying a copywriter, an internal communications specialist and a brand-positioning expert.

But it will collaborate with existing design groups and other other consultancies, as well as individuals, to put together the right team for each job.

So far it has four “hot pros-pects”, according to O’Kennedy. It is looking to “reinvent” an automotive company, starting with internal communications; to implement a strategic document already commissioned by a media giant; to create a new drinks brand; and to use consumer research to improve a financial services product.

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