Design Group policy for Peugeot

Design Group in Poole has delivered a creative theme and marketing campaign for Peugeot Insurance, as part of the car manufacturer’s drive to boost its insurance brand.

The work, which encompasses dealership point-of-sale material, direct mail welcome packs, policy booklets and consumer communication, is believed to be worth in the region of £25 000 in fees to the consultancy. It launches at the end of January.

Peugeot motor insurance manager Matthew Hunt says the consultancy was briefed to create a theme that achieves standout in the dealership environment, but also ‘sits comfortably within the brand guidelines’.

According to Design Group managing director Dan Vivian, the work is based on a ‘love your Peugeot’ theme. Peugeot research revealed that ‘there is a strong emotional bond between the brand and car owners’, Vivian explains.

‘The brand has always had a level of sexiness, an underlying Gallic charm and has always been able to sell on emotive rather than rational [messages],’ explains Vivian. ‘We’ve picked up on that element of the brand and used emotion to sell what is not essentially an emotive product.’

The consultancy was appointed in November following a three-way pitch against Square and Home.

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