Policy change has to reach the decision-makers

Regarding your story on the Department of Trade and Industry giving a boost to Government design buying (DW 15 January), my comments may be misinterpreted as a criticism of Government design buyers. My point was about the message from the higher echelons reaching the people that commission designers.

Government has come a long way in its understanding and appreciation of the value of effective design. This report and the inclusion of design demonstrates this.

But if it’s now accepted cheapest isn’t always best, it needs to be accepted by all and then shouted clearly. Procurers can do the rest.

Partnership is another theme that comes out in this paper, so fostering best practice should also mean the Office of Government Commerce actively encourages procurers to have more dialogue with the design industry. This would avoid the brown envelope syndrome where ‘suppliers’ are kept at arm’s length.

Roland Unwin

Visual communications manager


London SW9

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