Acrobat creates new look for Delissential

Manchester-based consultancy Acrobat has created a new identity and packaging range for gourmet food brand Delissential.

Acrobat was appointed in January 2008 on the strength of packaging work it did for the Gourmet Candy Company, which owns the brand, according to Nik Haralambous, head of design at Acrobat.

The client stipulated it wanted a pestle and mortar marque incorporated into the identity.

Acrobat responded by replicating the ‘D’ of the logotype in the marque. The new identity, pictured on olive oil bottles, will be rolled out across oils, vinegars, spice mixes and herbs nationally by March.

A new colour scheme, which Haralambous describes as ‘a very simple, but classy black and lime green’, and a script-style font replace a handwritten-style Scroll font.

The new identity is ‘mainly based around colour’, according to Haralambous, who says he has used block colour to create a ‘contemporary’ feel that would appeal to home cooks who use gourmet ingredients.

The new identity incorporates the tagline, ‘From the gourmet kitchen’, which Haralambous says is a response to a reference in the brief of spices and oils being described as ‘gourmet’.

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