Branding is getting out of control

Richard Murray had the effect of a sharp stick poked in my eye (Private View, DW 16 July).

Are there others out there apart from Murray who are fed up with this contemporary, yet classic crap. Everywhere you look there are tea bars called Tea Bar, fish restaurants called Fish and even creative businesses with equally adventurous names. Two weights of a sans serif font in a unique colour, and you are off and running.

When are we going to see some originality. Of course, I blame it all on that sandwich shop chain with the star logo.

What hacks me off is the fact that everyone is leaping on to the bandwagon. Why does everything have to be a brand?

Next thing you know everyone at a Sunday church service will be wearing branded sweatshirts. Maybe we will be able to worship on the Web.

Gary Hoppty

London WC

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