Iveco vehicle aims to make home delivery easy

Italian lorry manufacturer Iveco is to introduce a new range of delivery vehicles, developed in association with UK group Ogle Design, to cash in on the predicted growth in Internet home shopping.

Internet shopping has raised logistical concerns about how products will be delivered to homes. Iveco’s solution, the EuroTRAN, takes a “half truck, half van” approach, says Ogle design manager Michael Phillips.

As well as attempting to carry the maximum amount of material in the smallest overall space, to reduce urban congestion, the EuroTRAN includes a number of features designed to make deliveries easier and faster.

The vehicle has a low floor with a folding ramp to either side. Cargo is split into micro and macro loads, with small packages accessible via a bulkhead door in the cab to reduce time spent parked. The driver’s seat swivels, allowing an easy exit from either side of the cab to avoid the dangers of other traffic, and allowing access to a central monitor for communications.

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