Ways of getting all faxed up

Bladdered by Fax is the result of one of those drunken conversations that most people try to forget, and Dewe Rogerson’s Jonathan Ellery and freelance graphic designer Justin Banks probably couldn’t remember last Tuesday’s first Bladder beano even if they wanted to.

Phil Jones of print specialist Real Time Studio and Alison Cane, design director at Landor Associates, enjoyed the Design Week Awards (22 March) so much that they wanted to “drink without consultancy politics on a regular basis”, according to Cane.

The result is a monthly piss-up at a pub local to the host designer. Landor, the first to receive the throng, invited all its mates by fax and the next host – Jones – will fax everyone on Landor’s list plus all his mates. And so the party will grow and grow.

“It’s like a chain letter,” says Jones, who feels that there’s not enough fun in the design world. Dewe Rogerson, Giant and Union Design will be hosting future Bladders. Gawd ‘elp us all.

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