Blue Marlin repacks Coco for UK launch

Blue Marlin Brand Design has created a visual identity and new-look packaging for the launch of a range of coconut-based juices, milks and creams in the UK.

Dr Antonio Martins’ Coco products – which are claimed to have health benefits, and are already available in Continental Europe – have been given a radical overhaul by the consultancy, in an attempt to create a more premium positioning for the range in the UK.

Blue Marlin aimed for a ‘category-breaking treatment that will achieve dramatic standout’.

Additionally, the consultancy has designed a logo for the Dr Antonio Martins umbrella brand, using a coconut leaf to communicate the manufacturer’s expertise in coconut biology.

According to Blue Marlin executive creative director Martin Grimer, ‘We repositioned the brand to appeal to people who really take care of their appearance. The branding architecture and product claims have been reconceived to communicate Coco’s nutritional and anti-ageing benefits, and the patented extraction technology.’

The redesigned cartons all depict a green coconut, with pack variations to emphasise the characteristics of each product.

Coco Juice shows a photograph of a coconut floating in water, Coco Milk shows the coconut suspended in milk and Coco Cream comes in a black pack with the silhouette of a coconut.

Grimer adds, ‘We went with a highly photographic route to reflect that nature can’t be improved on. The new packs communicate the products’ technical superiority, and help engage with consumers in a crowded market.’

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