United Designers has designed a new restaurant for Indian food writer Zuju Shareef. Located in London’s Wimbledon Hill Road, Zujuma’s has a deep red, olive and galvanised steel exterior. The interior of the venue is punctuated by Indian artefacts and displays of pulses, seasonings and spices set in glass frames. Other features include huge glass tubes containing orange turmeric and yellow cumin. The dining tables incorporate cast-iron hot-plates. The restaurant’s Z identity and other graphics are designed by Lorraine Richer at United Designers.

Virgin Media Group has unveiled the identity of its planned Virgin TV channel, designed by 4i. The London consultancy created the Virgin Radio brand identity and has now developed both the Virgin TV identity and a series of on-screen designs. The identity is built for animation. The designs are being used in Virgin’s promotional work for the channel, which may make its debut on cable and satellite by the end of the year. The on-screen designs were created through 4i’s newly launched division 4i Films, set up to build on its live concert graphics and music video work which has included projects for the Rolling Stones and Oasis. Two existing 4i designers and a retained director and producer form the 4i Films staff.

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