Soloist font makes it on Swiss roll of honour

‘Helvetica is the shift worker and the solo entertainer of typefaces,’ writes Lars Müller in the preamble to Homage to a Typeface, his cornucopia of design uses and abuses from the past 40 years (page of Knoll branding pictured).

Chemistry right for UCL promo

Hudson Fuggle has created a promotional campaign for University College London, as the college moves to reverse a decline in students taking chemistry degrees. According to UCL chemistry department resources manager Julie Davis, the department views ‘aggressive marketing’ as the best way to maintain its position as one of the top six in the country. […]

Tord Boontje creation previews at Go Dutch

The Shadow Light, the latest creation by Dutch designer Tord Boontje, is previewed at the Go Dutch exhibition at the Applied Arts Agency, Exmouth Market, London EC1, from 22 May to 26 July. Billed as ‘a magical carousel of colour, light and dream-like imagery’, the Shadow Light is a lightweight cylindrical structure that supports a […]

Word association

Typography’s illustrative potential has existed almost since man began to write, says Jim Davies


The next Packaging Solutions Advice Group event takes place on 5 June at 6.30pm. The motion This House Believes That Creative Value Comes in Small Packages is argued for by Quentin Newark of Atelier Works and Steve Gibbons of Dew Gibbons and against by Charles Trevail of FutureBrand and Graham Hales of Interbrand. Contact: adam.fennelow@design […]

Call for entries

All areas of creative media are invited to submit interpretations of the theme Fusion by 30 June. A show featuring the winners takes place from 15-19 December. Contact: for further details.

Ford logo has a Partners revamp

The Partners has refreshed Ford’s famous blue oval logo as the car group re-introduces its eponymous identity as its corporate logo. Since 2000, while vehicles maintained the blue oval badge, corporate literature and signage used the so-called ‘trust mark’ – Ford Motor Company, written out in full script. The change, which is being made to […]

Wheelhouse designs books

Wheelhouse has designed two books – A Revolution In Kindness and Brave Hearts, Rebel Spirit – for Anita Roddick Books, the Body Shop founder’s own imprint. The consultancy designed formats, covers and illustrations, and also created publicity material. Both books are published on 2 June. Wheelhouse won the work on the strength of a previous […]

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