No point in tripping unless we can bag some freebies

Our news editor went to Switzerland last week and all we got was a lousy box of Lindt chocolates. Well alright, she did give us this idea for a Diary special on the land of clocks, yodelling and goat herds (oh, you lucky, lucky people). And, as soon as we started looking, our press release piles were suddenly alive with the sound of all things Swiss.

For starters, it’s back to customs though, as she also smuggled through a lovely little Freitag bag. Each one is crafted by happy designers in Zurich and manufactured from used truck tarpaulins, seatbelts and inner-tubes.

No prizes for guessing who hung on to that. We do, however, endorse the product – order your own at – because it’s so full of love. ‘I made this bag. I am responsible for the superior Freitag quality. Yes, I know, I love you too,’ says the jolly gnome on the packaging.

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