Victoria Real travels to the Thomson Holidays website

Thomson Holidays is launching its first e-commerce website, designed by Victoria Real for a fee of about £60 000, in January 2002.

The group is presenting design concepts within the next four weeks and work will then move in-house at Thomson Holidays where the website will be built.

The site will be created in two phases. The first, to be unveiled in January, will give access to all of Thomson’s near 20 holiday brands and allow customers to search for holidays and book on-line. The second phase, which has no set timeframe attached, will offer customers the facility to create a bespoke holiday.

The existing site doesn’t have on-line booking facilities and has little information about different holidays, says Thomson Holidays head of new media Lee Bramzell.

‘The site will be our first real stab at e-commerce. We want to look eventually at personalising it and adding new holiday content, and give every customer who books one of our holidays a home page so they can retrieve and amend their holiday [details],’ Bramzell adds.

Victoria Real will work on the second phase if the project is not taken in-house at Thomson Holidays, he says.

The design of the website will combine the Thomson Holidays brand with that of parent company and Europe’s biggest travel group Preussag, which adopted the Tui logo created by Interbrand in Germany in August (DW 5 April).

‘Victoria Real has to find the middle ground between the two brands, evolving colours and fonts to create one holistic communication,’ says Bramzell.

Victoria Real, which was appointed in September, won the work via a three-way unpaid creative pitch.

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