Where are they now? And what about us?

Being famous for not being famous does have its drawbacks, but I would have hoped that the foremost design news publication of today would have acknowledged HSAG alongside the other first generation “proper” design consultancies listed in your article (News Analysis, DW 9 October).

Originally founded in 1964, the company enjoyed huge publicity in 1969 with it created the NatWest identity.

The S and the A – Mike Swift and Doug Alexander – steered HSAG through the 1970s and 1980s and retired during the 1990s. Succession was seamlessly provided by the next generation: Peter Berry has been with HSAG since 1978, Tom Poslett since 1981 and I have been there since 1980. We now run the consultancy together and proudly keep the original name.

We may not be the biggest or the noisiest, but the others on the list certainly know us. HSAG deserves recognition as one of the originals.

Jas Denny


London N6 5EG

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