E3 Media revs up Kia’s Web offering

E3 Media is extending its redesign of Kia Motors’ digital presence to include the car-maker’s 140 dealership sites.

The websites are being brought into line with the main UK brand site (pictured), which the group redesigned earlier this year. Kia awarded the work to Bristol-based E3 Media directly on the strength of its work with the client on previous iterations of the main site.

The websites will use the same bright colours and Neo Sans typeface as the main site, but dealers will be able to choose from a range of colour schemes and tailor the content and marketing of each site.

As with the main site, the navigation menus will be presented within a collection of angular shapes, called the ‘facet system’, which is used to promote the Kia brand globally.

The 140 new websites will go live this week.

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