Foxall sets the look for new Turkish Vogue

Brothers Andrew and Iain Foxall of Foxall Associates are designing and art directing the new Turkish Vogue, which launches in spring 2010.

Vogue approached the graphics group in August, appointing Foxall Associates on its credentials. The consultancy has operated in the Turkish market since opening an office there in 2006, where it worked on the design of a new magazine, Biz, with the editor of the Turkish Marie Claire.

Working to a brief to ‘capture the new Turkey’, partner Andrew Foxall recounts working closely with the Turkish Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Seda Domanic, using mood boards and photography, to create ‘something expressive that would show the changing nature of the country’.

Foxall Associates aimed to avoid ‘ornate Turkish patterns’, which partner Iain Foxall believes to be cliched. Instead, ‘the magazine’s look will be quite decorative, but not in a Turkish Delight, Grand Bazaar way.’

The magazine, which will use different fonts and colours than its sister Vogue titles do, ‘stands for everything that’s modern about Turkey’, says Andrew Foxall.
The new title, published by Conde Nast, must have national and international appeal, according to Andrew Foxall, who is working on the principle that ‘someone in Brazil picking up Vogue Turkiye will be ableto have an insight’.

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  • zeynep busbee November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Hi I am Turkish and American and live in Istanbul after lived in 3 different countries for 12 years. I’m a pusblished author of 2 books. I have just got back to Istanbul and I would like to contact with Vogue in Turkey for a job opportunity. Can you please help me to find a way to apply or call them here in IStanbul? Since we are going to have Vogue here now, I would love to work for one of my favourite magazines. Thank you so much…

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