Government Digital Service launches streamlined Service Toolkit

The toolkit takes the form of a single webpage, which brings together all of the resources available to teams working on government services.


Government Digital Service (GDS) – the Cabinet Office programme which runs and helps to develop digital platforms and standards for other government departments – has unveiled its new Service Toolkit.

The toolkit looks to give teams within the government quick access to guidance on how to develop and run different services and platforms, and will be used as a key element within all digital training, such as service manager training.

It takes the form of a single webpage detailing all relevant resources and links, such as the Technology Code of Practice, various design principles and patterns, a buying resource called Digital Marketplace, and service data on its Performance Platform.

User research

After carrying out user research among people who use GDS resources, three key aims were identified while developing the toolkit. Firstly, to assist people building government services to find up-to-date guidance as quickly as possible. Secondly, to ensure any work carried out is consistent with other UK public services so users trust it and are familiar with how it works, and finally, to find out the best way to solve problems and not waste time duplicating existing work.

The toolkit will continue to be developed based on further user feedback, and since not all service resources and platforms are provided by GDS, over time it will also expand to include contributions from the rest of government.

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