“Wheels of urgency” – a new identity for Meals on Wheels

The US organisation aims to prevent hunger, healthcare and isolation in the elderly and the new identity has been created by Minneapolis-based Duffy & Partners.


Minneapolis-based Duffy and Partners has rebranded Meals on Wheels, the organisation that looks to prevent hunger, healthcare and isolation in the elderly.

It is the US association Meals On Wheels America, the “oldest and largest” of its kind, which has been rebranded. The organisation’s work supports more than 5,000 community-based nutrition programmes across the country.


Meals on Wheels America is a US registered charity without any UK affiliates.

A new identity has been designed to convey connection, forward movement and bringing people together according to Duffy and Partners, which has designed an abstracted M and W mark.

Joe Duffy, Creative Director at Duffy & Partners says the identity shows “the power found in people coming together—a forward movement—where the wheels of urgency generate an energy that is central to the very essence of the organisation.”


He adds that “the ‘M’ and ‘W’ are essential to the most beloved and recognized name that Meals and Wheels evokes.”

To address the broad offer of the organisation – which includes providing healthchecks and human company as well as hot meals – a new strapline has been devised: “Together We Can Deliver.” The old strapline was “So no senior goes hungry”.

There are two versions of the identity, one is the mark in a roundel, the other version also features the wordmark.


A primary colour palette of sky blue, navy blue and green has been devised and a secondary palette of pink, yellow grey and red.

A set of easy-to-read icons has been created and the type across the brands either in Bryant Bold, Trade Gothic Regular or Trade Gothic Oblique.

The new branding is rolling out now and includes this redesigned website.

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  • James Nielsen March 23, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Great cause, but the logo might be a bit similar to Waste Management. http://www.wastemanagement.co.nz

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