Eco-friendly fashion menswear brand STÓR reveals branding

Socio Design has created the visual identity and packaging for menswear subscription clothing brand STÓR, with the aim of indicating both sustainability and sophistication.


Consultancy Socio Design has created the branding for a new subscription menswear brand which is focused on environmental friendliness.

STÓR, which means “a store of treasure” in Gaelic, is an Irish brand which aims to combine a luxury fashion feel with recyclable and sustainable products. It sells men’s basic clothing, such as underwear, socks and t-shirts.

Socio Design worked with an existing logotype to create the branding and packaging for STÓR, which aims to lend from the company’s ethos of eco-awareness.


Clothes are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and bamboo. The packaging is also made from unbleached recycled cardboard boxes, which Socio Design sourced especially from the U.S.

Nic Carter, senior designer at Socio Design says the style had to reach a balance between being “back to basics” and “natural” but also “sophisticated”.

“We wanted to produce something that was simple and stripped back, and which was also a nod to manufacturing labelling,” he says. “The materials used and the simple labelling system make it feel quite raw, but it’s also a fashion-led brand.”


The logotype is a hand-drawn serif based on Garamond, with the surrounding text in a simple, sans-serif. It uses a grid system, splitting up a rectangle in multiple smaller modular rectangles to signify this “manufacturing” feel, and includes a lot of white space to indicate “simplicity”, says Carter.


Socio Design has also used a palette of three pastel colours to refer to different subscription levels, with pink being the staple, yellow the essential and mint green the complete subscription. Other generic labels are included in dark grey and white.


The consultancy also created a suite of icons to indicate different “natural attributes” of the clothing, such as organic cotton indicated by a cotton plant, and bamboo indicated by a bamboo cane symbol.

Socio Design created the branding, packaging, labelling, wraps and belly bands for STÓR. The project took six months to complete.



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  • Donna Turner June 2, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I think five layers of packaging (tissue wrap, sticker, carton (which is flown from the US), belly band and plastic envelope) is pretty far from Eco-friendly??

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