The Dojo pebble can detect people hacking into your home

A US-based start-up has worked with New Deal Design on a portable pebble-shaped device, which can prevent cyber-attacks and keep users aware of security issues.


Start-up company Dojo Labs has created a connected device designed to scan the home for and protect against “malware, viruses and cyber attack”.

Dojo Labs is a US-based team of “security experts and hackers”, which felt that personal security around connected devices within the home has been neglected.

The founders of Dojo Labs are understood to have worked on the design of the product with New Deal Design, which has experience in the internet-of-things and sensory object field, having co-designed with Fitbit and many tech start-ups.

How does it work?

Any computers, devices and internet-of-things devices are protected by the Dojo, which “constantly scans for unusual activity”. Devices covered include Baby Monitors, smart locks, smart alarms, energy-management systems and TVs

Any security breaches are stopped instantly and the Dojo owner is notified via an app, which allows them to choose which devices can be shared with whom.

The Dojo is detachable from its base and can be taken around the home. It glows when something needs to be addressed via the app.

Learning your behaviour

By “learning” patterns of behaviour and use the Dojo becomes better at detecting abnormal behaviour, according to its makers. They say: “It does this without even having to look at the data or knowing what’s attacking. Dojo can simply block them. It listens to patterns, not your data, to keep your home safe and your data private.”

The Dojo is a cyber security engine, which is always running and collecting metadata from all of the Dojos. It relies on “machine learning” and proprietary algorithms to mitigate against attacks.

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