23 April 2009

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Mother by Tineshia Johnson. She studies graphic design at Matthew Boulton College, Birmingham.

Seeing triple

Old-fashioned handicraft and hi-tech digital film technology collide in Coraline, the first stop-motion animated feature to be conceived and executed for digital 3D projection. While 3D stop-motion dates back to 1939 and John Norling’s short film In Tune with Tomorrow, and films such as 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas have been converted for 3D projection, […]

Less flimflam, more integrity

The financial services sector badly needs to rebuild trust in its institutions, and design has a vital role to play in this regard, says Paul Barlow Working on design and branding projects in the financial services sector in the current banking turmoil sometimes feels like being a defence lawyer for someone accused of a heinous […]

Signs of revival

Each city presents a different signage challenge, and Glasgow is no exception. Anna Richardson previews the UK’s largest wayfinding system, which is being implemented over the summer Finding your way around a city is one of the most basic needs of visitors and locals alike, and making it an easy and pleasurable experience is a […]

Hot hubs

Especially contrived creative hubs can have a lot going for them, particularly for fledgling businesses or sole traders. As well as the support and bonhomie, there’s the advantage of working from an address with a reputation for creativity. What’s more, m

Margate – capital of the arts, or a refuge for hard-up bankers?

You recently picked up on one of the challenges contestants on the new season of The Apprentice will face – to rebrand the seaside town of Margate – and asked how designers might approach this task (Voxpop, DW 9 April). In an ideal world, I’d suggest scrapping the ‘family resort’ image and rebranding Margate as […]

University challenge is to support, not compete

The British Design Innovation report ‘Delivering the Innovation Dream’ and your article ‘Facing the university challenge’ (DW 2 April) provide strident critiques of the perceived danger of universities undermining the commercial design industry. However, the report leaves out two aspects where universities might make significant contributions to a wider culture of innovation and the well-being […]

The New Deal of the Mind couldn’t be more timely

Last week, you asked for suggestions in response to the request from the New Deal of the Mind coalition, soliciting proposals for potential job-creation strategies for the creative sector (Voxpop, DW 16 April). We at the Design Council welcome this coalition and stand ready to support it in any way we can. It amplifies the […]

Inspired, Jonathan Silver: Silver & co

‘Imagine … It’s easy if you try’. Could there ever be a better creed for a designer than this mesmerising phrase from John Lennon’s extraordinarily powerful and timeless plea for peace, written way back in 1971? For me, great design results from the opportunity to imagine – with freedom from restrictions, from the constraints of […]

Goodge Street glory

Designers write better than writers design. Several designers and illustrators have been masters of the pen – Ashley Havinden, Hans Schleger, Osbert Lancaster, Abram Games, Milton Glaser, Terence Conran, Alan Fletcher (I’ll no doubt think of others).

Abu Dhabi continues fuelling the design sector

With Abu Dhabi starting to overshadow its glitzier neighbour Dubai, more groups are setting up shop there. Angus Montgomery reportsWhen design and branding consultants working in the Middle East talk about the respective profiles of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it’s hard not to stereotype the two emirates in the context of the recession.Dubai, described as […]

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