Fishburn Hedges appoints Brown

Fishburn Hedges has appointed Design Council Government and communication director Martin Brown to help take it into ‘the next phase’ of its development.

Brown joins the design-to-PR group on 5 November after six years at the Design Council to take up the new role of head of design business development. His remit, says Fishburn Hedges head of design Chris North, will be ‘to leverage what we’ve already got’.

The job is design-led, says North, though Fishburn Hedges’ design and communications interests have become increasingly integrated.

North is therefore keen to plug into Brown’s knowledge of how design fits into business processes and his experience of Government and public affairs business. Brown will also look at new client areas for the group and ways in which it might supplement resources to meet their needs.

Fishburn Hedges already has several public sector clients, including BAA, and has served on the Central Office of Information Communications roster for a couple of years.

The Design Council will replace Brown and will start recruiting for a communications director next month, says Design Council chief executive Andrew Summers.

The job will be equivalent to Brown’s, he says, ‘but we’ll be looking at ways to reallocate responsibilities within the council’.

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