On the difference between ‘informed’ and ‘arrogant’

Designers are arrogant. We all feel we could have done better, and are happy to criticise others’ work. None of this surprises me. However, I am a little confused by what you term ‘informed criticism’.

You hold Michael Wolff in high regard, but what makes his opinion on others’ work ‘informed’? Can every criticism from a designer be considered informed because of their association with the industry? Or do you have to work for so many years to earn that right? Maybe it’s the number of high profile clients you have worked for, or maybe the number of stories you get printed about yourself in Design Week?

Informed criticism should only come from those who are involved in a particular project – the client and the designer(s) who have witnessed the evolution of a design and read the brief. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it is arrogant to make it widely available for others. I agree with Peter Knapp that the design industry should grow up and stop the ‘small-minded backstabbing’.

Damiano Polcaro, Designer, Brand Nation, London SE1

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