Schools deserve better than mere quick-fix Portakabins

It is encouraging to read that the Design Council (among others) is voicing its concern that consideration needs to be given to the design process in the Building Schools for the Future programme.

To adapt in order to accommodate a changing curriculum, or to specialise in specific areas and meet an increase in pupil numbers, it appears that schools have had to continually ship in Portakabins or extend certain bits of their buildings on an ad-hoc basis.

How many times does this erode a very important part of the school footprint – the sports pitch or the good old playground?

Good planning and design will inevitably produce schools that are capable of providing not just for the curriculum of this year, but for the curriculum of future years, without compromising what many schoolchildren desperately need more of – physical activity.

Trevor Flannery, Business development director, Storm Brand Design, Elland, Halifax HX5 9DU

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