New Seriously Strong designs create a “landscape of cheese”

Coley Porter Bell has rebranded the Scottish cheese company as part of a drive to double the brand value and “secure the top spot in the UK cheese market”.

Seriously Strong Vintage 300g

Coley Porter Bell has created new packaging for packaging for cheese brand Seriously Strong, which uses images of cheese to create a “characterful Scottish landscape”.

CPB was appointed to work on the relaunch – estimated to be worth around £5 million – following a pitch last year.

Seriously Strong has been made in Stranraer, Scotland since 1850 and Coley Porter Bell executive creative director Stephen Bell says the aim of the redesign was to “intrinsically link it to its distinctive Scottish provenance”.

Bell adds: “Our challenge was to tell the brand story succinctly on pack. The solution was to use the cheese itself to create a characterful Scottish landscape, allowing consumers to not only see the richness and texture of the product itself.”


On pack, an image of the cheese is show against an image of Scottish mountains. A mountain-like flavour graph is used to show where the cheese ranks in the range of mild to strong.

CPB has also redrawn the brand’s rosette to feel more “crafted and artisanal” and also created “flavourful” descriptive copy.

Seriously Strong marketing director says that the rebrand comes as part of a drive to double the brand value and “secure the top spot in the UK cheese market”.

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  • Rahil Khan March 3, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    I understand the use the scottish highlands to reflect the cheese texture, however I am not sure its strong enough and without the colours, it may struggle in creating differentiation. I do like the guage to show the level of intensity. I must admit though from first glance I thought it was shortbread 🙂

  • Gaston Ramirez March 3, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    It’s a slow week in design when something as insipid as this makes the news.
    “brand story”? “characterful Scottish landscape”? let me know when this can be seen on pack instead of in the executive creative directors head.

    That said, the strength indicator is wonderfully unique for the category and is characterful of the landscape.

  • Harrison Reed March 3, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    This is a seriously weak redesign. The beauty of the old pack was its single minded approach. Its all about the big bold, strong, confident award winning rosette. They’ve over intellectualised it… and tried to get too many ideas on pack. Reducing your brand icon, and sticking it in the corner, and making cheese look like Scottish hills… when were they ever yellow? It just doesn’t feel right… And don’t get me started about that awful Comic Sans lookalike font that patronises us as being jaunty handwriting.

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