Welcome to your new Design Week

Design Week has launched a new-look, responsive digital platform, packed with innovative features. Users will have to remember to register to continue to access Design Week for free.


Welcome to your new Design Week – an updated, fully responsive online resource for the design industry. It’s packed with new and innovative features and key insight and information to help you get to the heart of the design industry.

You’ll notice that you have to register or re-enter your details when you use the site for the first time. After you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access Design Week in its entirety for free. This registration is vital for us to understand our readers and your needs and to better serve you in the future. The new Design Week is still a work-in-progress and we will continue to evolve and add functionality as we develop.

So what’s new with the relaunched Design Week? Here are just a few things:

  • A fully responsive, bespoke digital platform. We’ve aimed to create an engaging and attractive website that works well across all platforms – from desktop to tablet to mobile.
  • A new content strategy. Our coverage will be split into three main areas. These are: People, where we’ll profile the key personalities in design; Projects, where we’ll look at the most important and groundbreaking work; and Insight, where we’ll get beneath the skin of the issues affecting the design industry.
Design Week's Inspiration Board
Design Week’s Inspiration Board
  • The Inspiration Board. Our new Inspiration Board is a fully curated image resource for all designers. In it, we’ll feature the most striking and interesting design work. The Inspiration Board is searchable by discipline, colour and style and you’ll also be able to submit your own imagery for consideration.
  • A new Resources section. Design Week’s Resources section is our new home for all the information you need to do your job better. Featuring how-to guides, White Papers and Webinars, it will provide an enabling tool for designers looking to improve their practice and further their careers.
  • Newly curated Sector Pages. The new Design Week features bespoke pages dedicated to all the major design sectors, from branding and graphics to product, furniture and interactive design, you can now easily find all the news and information that’s most important to you. (These pages also feature some rather lovely illustrations by Peter Grundy).
Illustrations by Peter Grundy for the Design Week sector pages
Illustrations by Peter Grundy for the Design Week sector pages
  • New Weekly Editions. Design Week will continue to be updated daily, to provide you with all the important breaking stories that you need to know about. In addition, every week we’ll be curating all the most important stories into a bespoke Weekly edition, giving you a more engaging and leisurely reading experience that will sit alongside our constantly updated main website.
  • Relaunched Newsletters. We’ve redesigned our Daily Newsletter and we’re also launching a new Weekly Newsletter, which will provide a fully curated take on the big stories from the past week in design. Make sure you sign up for both of these in the registration section.
The new Design Week homepage
The new Design Week homepage

As you can see, there’s a lot that’s new about Design Week. But there’s also a lot that won’t be changing. Design Week has been around for 30 years and during that time we’ve got to the heart of the industry, making sense of the issues that it faces, looking at its future and talking to its key people.

The new Design Week will continue to hold these principles to heart. Design is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK – and we believe it’s the most important. We hope that the new Design Week can be the title the design industry deserves – analytical, serious and professional; but also fun, inspirational and engaging.

We hope that you enjoy the new Design Week and find it useful. The important thing to remember is that it’s your Design Week. We’d love to know what you think and how we can continue to improve Design Week. Please do email me at angus.montgomery@centaur.co.uk with any thoughts or suggestions.

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    Shame about the ‘w’ in the bodycopy. It detracts from reading fluidly as it is quite hard to see.

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