Passport to success?

In a touching show of concern for Design Week readers to see the full picture, ORMS founder and now UK managing director for Studios Architecture, Martin Shirley plunged into the depths of resourcefulness.

Shirley – the MS in ORMS – left ORMS in September, ready to go his own way until the San Francisco practice snapped him up (News, DW 17 February). DW wanted to illustrate last week’s news with a piccie of Shirley.

Neither DW nor Shirley had a photo to hand. With deadlines looming, Shirley volunteered to run down to Tottenham Court Road Underground Station – no pleasant task in itself – and brave the searching lens of a Photo-Me booth.

Mugshot snapped, Shirley hot- footed it to DW to hand over the image pictured. Thanks, Martin.

Readers may have preferred to see the fourth photo from the strip, which is traditionally used to show off the subject’s tongue/tonsils/bum, depending on taste and decency thresholds. But Martin kept that to himself.

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