Design or go bust?

In case anyone gets the wrong impression that we’re a hard-hearted bunch at the Centre for Creative Business, allow me to set the record straight.

In response to the letter on the subject of our event at the Royal Society of Arts called Design, or Die, one of your readers wrote in to say that the title was clearly insensitive, as there are so many deaths in this cruel world through disease and starvation (DW 2 February).

After a moment of non-plussed silence in our office, we all agreed that we were not actually referring to people, but companies. And when we mentioned the ‘d-word’, it was in the sense of going out of business, rather than turning up your toes.

Your readers will be pleased to hear that over 100 business leaders, designers and entrepreneurs turned up for what turned out to be a fascinating discussion. We raised the issue of creativity, design and innovation, as a strategic business issue, and nobody else misconstrued the title in the same way.

Greg Orme, Chief executive, Centre for Creative Business, London NW1

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