I’m inspired by solutions. Beautiful solutions. The combination of form and function, of the brief and the result. These beautiful solutions can take any form – some break boundaries, some are bold, others simple, and others simply ‘little touches’. But they all give you that sense of ‘I get it’, where you understand the why, at the same time as wondering at the how. It’s like Lord Foster’s bridge at Millau, the Bic pen, the way that Innocent speaks and the rear door handle of an Alfa Romeo 156. It’s also the VW logo, the Citroën typeface, the Levi’s red tab, and bread packaging with beans all over it. It’s the Spitfire I admired as a child, the Pezz Etti coffee pot I use every day, a man made of tyres and the Honda ‘Can hate be good?’ ad that I couldn’t stop singing along with.

Why do I admire solutions? It’s to do with the inspiration that created them – the perfect answer to an often difficult brief. Fundamentally, if I wasn’t inspired by this, then I shouldn’t be in this industry.

Gary Holt

Holt Branding

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