Where are all the PC-based design studios?

I cannot understand why the design industry seems to be 90 per cent Mac-obsessed. I have nothing against Macs, indeed I have used several, and have enjoyed the experience. They are easy to use and produce good results. However, there is very little a Mac can do that a PC can’t.

If I could have afforded one, then I would have purchased a Mac. However, I feel that I have enough power to complete most tasks that I set out to do. I would dearly love to work as a designer/illustration/cartoonist/computer artworker, but nearly 99 per cent of jobs are asking for Mac-based people. I have applied for posts advertised in Design Week, indicating that I have Mac experience as well as my own PC system, yet I am met with rejection letters every time.

Although I am 38, I never mention this as I am certain that ageism does exist, although in the design world I am equally convinced that age equals experience. I have applied for varying posts, from junior (in terms of actual studio experience) to middle-weight posts, yet there appears to be no interest whatsoever in anyone using a PC. In addition, I always look for posts paying at least 12 000 per annum, which means looking towards London as regional agencies and studios seem to have trouble climbing much above 9500!

While I am no fan of Bill Gates, I feel that Windows 95 is only doing what Macs have been doing for years. I would be very interested in seeing a feature in DW on PC-based agencies and studios. Are there any? If so, where? Do they have vacancies? I’m sure that I am not the only PC-based designer out there that would like to see such a feature.

Michael George


Kent ME15 7RH

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