Let’s aim higher than spam-based culture

AKQA co-founder James Hilton’s doodles from DW’s recent round table on digital design, highlighting the importance of listening and seeing

The past decade has seen an onslaught of ’design’ based around software skills and not much else. This article (Editor’s blog, www.designweek.co.uk, 7 June) brings that point to light [and highlights the need for traditional skills like drawing]. Thanks for that.

It seems to me that we are in some sense doomed to be surrounded by an ever-increasing volume of clip art-based, slapped-together media, as clients increasingly deem it unnecessary to pay for their message to be presented with skill and finesse, opting instead for a templated ’that’s good enough’ type of approach to design.

Ease of use that is built into software is creating a spam-based cultural experience. Down with the template.

Mateusz Odrobny, by e-mail

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