D&AD president Simon ’Sanky’ Sankarayya named Neville Brody as the recipient of the President’s Medal last week. Who would you give the award to if you were in his place?

Great words, brilliant communicator, still working after 50 years. I suppose Bob Dylan is out of the question? Unlike D&AD Gold and Silver winners, this award isn’t for a one-off piece of work, but a career achievement. Previous recipients include art directors and writers, designers and film-makers, along with the odd illustrator and photographer. Women don’t get a look-in, and neither do the people who inspired most of these winners. I would honour an educator someone who has spent his life in design education: Alan Livingston.
Brain Webb, Designer, Webb & Webb Design

Sanky should be giving his President’s Award to Paul Thompson, rector at the Royal College of Art. Backing up his belief that students should be encouraged to explore sustainability in their work, he recently instigated the creation of a new cross-departmental centre for sustainability at the college Sustain RCA. And he put me in charge. Definitely deserves a medal.
Clare Brass, Senior tutor, Design London School of Design for Production, Department of Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art

My President’s Award goes to a one-of-a-kind creative someone who is a true original and who has always followed his own, highly personal vision. With his distinctive approach, he broke the mould in the increasingly important world of information design. He has the creative magic to transform any complicated, often boring, information into intriguing, inventive, witty and simply stunning visual explanations. For consistently demonstrating this skill over the past three decades, my nomination goes to Grundini, aka illustrator and designer Peter Grundy.
James Beveridge, Creative director and managing partner, Further

The winner should be someone fresh, vibrant and super-creative. Someone whose work is sincere, poetic and crafted. They should have vision, energy and edge balanced by an exceptional understanding of broader notions of creativity and an ability to remain removed from the politics and passing trends of the industry. John Heggarty, Andy Stevens, Matt Pyke or Rosario Hurtardo would be good candidates, but my personal recommendation is Marina Willer, for her breadth of vision and sensitivity.
Ab Rogers, Founder, Ab Rogers Design

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