It’s time for design to set the agenda

I read the two articles on exporting design (DW 17 March) with interest. I am a member of the DBA Export Task Group which is involved in creating opportunities for Design Business Association members to export their services.

It is easy to be cynical about the intent and organisation of developments. It is harder to focus on the upside, come to grips with the opportunities available and put in the leg work to create something practical so that design groups can tap into the Department of Trade and Industry infrastructure for export development.

While we talk about the prowess of the UK design industry we should remember that when compared with other industry sectors it is very small. A couple of reasonably sized civil engineering contracts would generate more cash flow than the entire fee-income of the design sector. So now we are faced with the DTI supporting the design industry and according it real status and we moan.

Hopefully, the design industry is mature enough to take this half- full cup and fill it instead of standing on one side suggesting that ministers do something. We’ve got to get behind our trade organisations, set the agenda and deliver the benefits to our industry.

Dale Bevington, Indes Design, London N1

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