Lambie-Nairn on hand for Worldzap identity

Worldzap, a joint venture information service created by sports marketing group Prisma and technology company Fantastic Corporation, has been branded by Lambie-Nairn.

Delivering its service via mobile phones, Worldzap will initially provide “near-live” sports coverage. Additional products will later include financial data, weather and entertainment information delivered in the same way.

Lambie-Nairn creative director Brian Ely says, “We based the identity on a distinctive illustration depicting an object in the palm of a hand, representing the hand-held portable nature of Worldzap’s business. We created six versions of the hand… depicting a variety of gestures.”

Prisma managing director and Worldzap board member Peter Sprogis says the group was chosen because of its on-screen experience: “It was vital that this identity worked across all media, from mobile phones to letterheads.”

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